In the Kulås Park in  Sarpsborg, Norway, an extensive rehabilitation of the old amphitheater has been carried out. For the first time we have introduced the Larvikitt aggregate, from the other side of the Oslo Fjord in Barrikade Steinbelegg.

Steinbelegg has been installed directly onto well compacted gravel, with a porous fabric in between, in thickness 25-30 mm. A mix of  aggregate fractions was used to achieve the required build-up of the system.

In this specific project the client looked for a black aspect to obtain a contrast to the almost white granite blocks in the tribune, but it is also possible to choose bluish Larvikitt to create other colour effects. The coating system is installed by hand using steel trowel by Walther P Lislerud AS and is an impressive piece of workmanship.  Hesselberg Bygg As is the contract partner and our client is Leif Leif Grimsrud AS.

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