Flooring solutions satisfying the strict requirements within food indystry Flooring that creates a safer and more good working environment in the manufacturing industry Parking coatings for new construction and renewables Workshop flooring Easy maintenance and durable floors for storage and terminals

INDUSTRY – tough floors for tough environments

No floors ares subject to such strains as within industry, in respect of mechanical loads, chemcial loads and thermal loads. However, the functional requirements are very different for different kinds of industry. The common thing is the demand for a durable and maintenenance friendly floor that will also create a safe and plesant working environment.

StoCretec Flooring AS can offer more than 20 diffrent flooring systems that in total covers all the demands within industry. We cooperate with specialized contractors that have a great experience in installing these systems. The customers can therefore be certain to receive the floor they have been promised.


What kind of industry flooring are you looking for?


StoFloor Industry Rigid EH200

BESKRIVELSE Epoxy-sement hybrid som bunnsjikt for gulv med fuktproblemer eller i epoxybelegg med rask installasjon. EGENSKAPER - Slitesterkt - Løser fuktproblemer - Hurtigherdende - Gode flytegenskaper - Bunnsjikt for alle typer epoxybelegg   BRUKSOMRÅDER [...]


StoFloor Food Rigid KU601

BESKRIVELSE Mono- eller slurrybelegg, spesielt kjemikaliebestandig EGENSKAPER - Slitesterkt - God kjemikaliebestandighet - Rengjøringsvennlig BRUKSOMRÅDER - Kjemisk industri - Prosessindustri - Renseanlegg - Transformatorstasjoner Download information about StoFloor Food Rigid KU601 [...]


StoFloor Industry Elastic IB 500

BESKRIVELSE FLEKSIBELT SELVUTJEVNENDE POLYURETANBELEGG EGENSKAPER - Meget slitesterkt - Meget fleksibelt, godt å gå på - Rissoverbyggende - Deformasjoner går tilbake, ripefast - God kjemikaliebestandighet - Rengjøringsvennlig - Ensfarvet, blank tiltalende overflate BRUKSOMRÅDER - [...]

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