22 08, 2015

Barrikade Steinbelegg på togstasjon

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This summer we are installing Barrikade Steinbelegg for PEAB and National Rail at Gardermoen in connection with expansion and rehabilitation of the railway station at the main airport. A combination of Lucern Silver and Larvikitt, which is alocal Norwegian aggregate, has ben chosen to distinguish between traffic zones [...]

29 06, 2015

Larvikitt is the new black

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In the Kulås Park in  Sarpsborg, Norway, an extensive rehabilitation of the old amphitheater has been carried out. For the first time we have introduced the Larvikitt aggregate, from the other side of the Oslo Fjord in Barrikade Steinbelegg. Steinbelegg has been installed directly onto well compacted gravel, with a porous fabric in between, [...]

19 06, 2015

STEINBELEGG, pleasant living environment

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On Hove farm in Sandnes a fine housing project has been developed with a combination of modern townhouses and low apartment blocks. Living quality is the key word and Barrikade  Steinbelegg has been used in the car-free leisure areas between  the buildings and on walkways.  Approx 2000 m2 of the stone coating was [...]

30 05, 2015

Steinbelegg i praktfullt hageanlegg

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I Jönköping i Sverige finnes en fantastisk privat hage med blant annet 160 ulike sorter rododendroer/Azalea planter! En privat eiendom som virkelig er en perle på vestre bredd av Vättern. Ankomstveiene og tilstøtende gangveier skulle belegges med noe som skulle være et naturlig element i hageanlegget. Barrikade Steinbelegg  Silver ble valgt på ca. [...]

8 05, 2015

Barrikade Traffic

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Barrikade trafikk Right in the heart of Jonkoping in Sweden they have built a gateway that will handle both regular traffic and separate bus lanes The intensity of car and bus traffic is high and one has chosen to mark roundabouts and separate bus lanes with a clear red color to increase [...]

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